Fat Loss

I suck at losing weight.  Seriously.

I did well at it back when I first started this whole journey.  I dropped 20 lbs steadily and in a healthy way, but since then?  Nadda.  Nothing.  I might go down so much as 3 lbs, and then I bump right back up to 177 again.

177.  Always 177.  I HATE seeing 177 on the scale.  I’m over it.  I’m breaking up with 177.

Last weekend I bought Leigh Peele’s Fat Loss Troubleshoot and have been working on a plan since then.  I know (and have known for a long time) WHAT I need to be doing, it’s just a matter of actually doing it.  And for once, I want to.

So, for the next 12 weeks I’m in fat loss mode.  I’ve got a 7-day calorie cycling plan and a workout program.  I’ve got a food scale and a crap ton of plastic containers for my food.  I’ve got Derek in my corner and hopefully some nice weather to get me outside.  I’ve also got a pair of Lululemon pants waiting for me as a reward for finishing.

So, that’s it.  In 12 weeks I hope to drop 17 lbs while maintaining the muscle that I’ve got.  Hopefully then you’ll be able to see some of it and not just feel it under a layer of insulation.

Because this is a calorie cycling program I expect my daily weight to fluctuate, so I’ll be weighing in and updating on Friday mornings, after my lowest calorie day.  Hopefully this past week is the last time I’ll see that damned 177 on the scale.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you look into Leigh Peele.  She’s got a ton of awesome blog posts, a wonderful members site and forum, and takes part in several kick ass podcasts (The Fit Cast and Ask Leigh).  She is a wealth of no-nonsense knowledge that KNOWS how to get shit done.


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