45 lb plate + foot = rest

Yeeaaahhhhh, so, I was working out last Wednesday (that would be April 27) and I was just about 2/3 of the way through Fat Loss B4 (and actually starting to figure out my hated BSS’s) when I was changing the weights out on the bar.

I’d had my big girl plates on for deadlifts and was about to start a set of RDLs, so I was pulling off the 45s.  I guess my head wasn’t in the game and my hands were dry because the plate slipped right out of my fingers and landed square (round?) on the top of my foot.  Ouch.

The scene of the crime accident.

I probably cursed a few times and hobbled over to the bench to get my phone and call Derek.  I also got my shoe off right away, which was probably a good thing, because shortly after my foot looked like this:

And what does one do when they do something stupid and inflict that kind of damage?  Why they post it on Facebook!  I wasn’t sure whether or not I need to get myself to the hospital so I asked, and almost immediately I had at least 10 resounding answers of “YES!”.  So I got a call into the nurse at Telehealth to find out their advice.

The nurse there said, after I answered many questions, that it wasn’t urgent but that I should see a doctor within the next 24 hours.  As I had no idea if I’d be able to drive the next day, my lovely husband drove me to Urgent Care at about 8:30pm.

3 x-rays and a very helpful “It’s not broken, bye now” I was sent home. (kindly note that that last sentence was typed in sarcasm font).

While the next day it hurt like a bitch, I could walk (well hobble) and it didn’t look too bad.

I practiced my RICE (+Advil) and thought I was doing well.

And then the bruising started to show up.

Over the next few days I saw colours in my foot that I never anticipated.

The last picture above was taken on Thursday (May 5), so a little more than a week after The Drop and it looks to me like the bruising is getting better.

The only thing that concerns me is that it’s still a bit swollen in the mid-foot region.

I’m thinking that I might take myself down to Urgent Care again tomorrow (maybe a different one this time?) for another set of x-rays, as many people have been telling me that they often can’t see a break when the foot is as swollen as mine was.

Needless to say I’ve been on rest since Drop Day.  I walked with Derek to go and vote on Monday (just over 2 km total there and back) and my foot was killing me on Tuesday.  My mostly normal walk was back to a hobble.

I’m really pissed, because I was, for once, actually starting to enjoy running and I was lifting on the regular.  I was making some great gains in the gym and was finally feeling like I was getting the hang of those damned BSS’s I’ve always hated.  I HATE being sidelined like this.  2 years ago I would never have guessed that not being able to work out would bother me like it is.  So I guess that’s something?

I guess we’ll see!  For now I’ll keep resting and maybe go down and bust out a killer arm workout, complete with at least 3 different types of curls.  In my squat rack.  *snort*


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