I’m Orange!

No, I’ve not had an unfortunate run-in with some spray tan.


No, I finally made it to the Orange level on Nike+!  Not big news to most, seeing as you only have to run 50km to get there, but I’m not much of a runner, so it’s a bit of a big deal to me.  See?

AND, this week I’ve run 3 times!  AND, I ran 10.79 km.  AND, I didn’t hate it!

I think that last one is the most important part.

Wednesday and today I got in a lift (Fat Loss I B3 and A4 respectively) and then started up my various apps (C25K to tell me when to walk/run and Nike+ GPS for pace and distance) and hit the sidewalk.

Wednesday was hard.  FL I B is a really killer leg workout.  Deadlifts, Bulgarian Split Squats (loathe) and Romanian Deadlifts, alllll in one workout.  At least my legs were warm when I went running?

Why the sudden interest in running you ask?  Well, let me tell you.

The one race I for sure run every year is the Ancaster Old Mill Race, and it’s starting to loom.  It’s just 7 weeks away, and I haven’t run since I ran the race last year.  I run this race because it’s close to home and, well, work covers the entrance fee.  Bonus points because it’s on a Tuesday evening and they feed you a really tasty dinner after.

Usually around this time of year I sort of panic and realize I need to start running again.  Looking at Nike+ I ran a whopping total of 3 times before the race for a total of 12.36 km of training.  4.63 km of which were the evening before the race.  Bad idea.  My poor, untrained legs were sore.  I realize that some people can strap on their shoes and run 5km like it’s no problem at all, that some people consider runs longer than 3 miles to be their easy runs, but, well, I’m not one of those people.  Running has never been all that easy for me.

This year I’m determined to do things better.  I really WANT to run the whole race.  I WANT to finish in under 30 mins.  Last year was 34 minutes and change, the year before was 35 and change, 2 years before that when I walked the whole thing (pre-weight loss) I did it in 45 minutes.

So, I’ve returned to my buddy C25K.  To make it so that I finish up the program the week before the race I started on Week 2, which makes sense, because I have run a bit before and Week 1 is just sort of annoying.

Ideally I’d like to be lifting and running on separate days, and use the running as a way to help get some blood flowing into my aching muscles, but it hasn’t worked out too well so far, but that’s ok.

If you want to be my buddy (or whatever) on Nike+, look me up!  My username is raynes29.  I have no idea what you do on there, but feel free to heckle me, or whatever.


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