I did a “cleanse”

Though it was not on purpose!

Not this last weekend but the weekend before Derek and I went into Toronto to visit with his BFF and family at Sick Kids Hospital.

You see, BFF’s little boy, Ryley, has AML, a form of Leukemia.  Ryley is 1/3 of 2.5 year old triplets who might just be the cutest kids ever.  Derek is one of the girls godfathers!

Ryley was diagnosed back in July and has been undergoing chemo treatments since then.  The week he was scheduled to start his last round of chemo they found more abnormal cells in his spinal fluid.  He had relapsed.    The new plan of attack was stronger chemo to get the leukemia under control and to begin the search for a bone marrow donor.

So, when we were visiting 2 Sunday’s ago, the poor guy was sick, but everyone just chalked it up to the stronger chemo.  Until his mom, dad, sister, the girls nanny and Derek also got sick.  Turns out everyone got a nice dose of C Diff.

I thought I’d gotten away scot free, that is, until this Sunday rolled around.   I spent all day Sunday either in bed, on the couch or in the bathroom, and Monday wasn’t much better.  Today I’m finally starting to feel the urge to eat again, but I’ve not put much in my system of the last 72 hours.

Needless to say, I don’t think the 4 or so pounds I’ve lost in as many days will stay gone.

However, as I’m starting to get my appetite back, I find that the foods I’m craving are healthy ones.  All I wanted to have for dinner tonight was kale and sweet potatoes!  Who am I??

So, kale it is.  I think I’ll save the sweet potato for tomorrow.  On the menu tonight is Pasta with Kale, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Bacon (because who doesn’t want bacon when the wind is howling and they’re threatening 8 million feet of snow?) courtesy of my good friend Alyson’s blog.

On the lifting/working out front, nothing has happened since I finished FBB.  We’re very close to getting the basement gym set up, every thing has been cleaned out and organized, now we’re just working on lighting and setting up the rack.  I’m really looking forward to starting to lift with Derek!

ETA:  I totally forgot to add this earlier, but if you’re not already on your national bone marrow/stem cell registry, please consider being added.  It takes very little time and effort to do so, but you could save someone’s life.

Only 30% of patients find a donor withing their immediate families, so a vast network of potential donors is crucial.

If you’re in Canada visit One Match for more information.

If you’re in the US visit Be the Match for more information.


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