A few things

Oh hai, what’s up? Seriously, I’m really bad at this thing. I need to learn to write short, sweet, takes-no-time posts more often.

The new year has been going pretty well. I’m making an effort to actually lose some weight for the first time in a while. I’m tracking on Livestrong again. I tried SparkPeople, but I found it too difficult for someone eating, real, whole, clean food, so, back to my friend MyPlate.

This go around I’m really trying to hit my macros. This past week has sort if been about hoping I get there (and doing pretty well) but I think I will sit down on Sunday and pre-plan things more than normal so I know I’ll be at the right ranges. Oh, and I’m also making an effort to keep things clean, which has actually been going really well. I’m starting to notice that processed food just really doesn’t taste that good.

As for workouts, I’ve officially mailed in my membership cancelation letter to the gym, so that should all be effective by the end of the month.

We haven’t picked up the squat rack yet, so I’ve only done 1 full workout in the basement “gym” and there is it still a long way to go before it’s even close to up to par.

That’s sort of what I’m working with rift now. Needs a bit of work, eh?

And yes, that is a compound mitre saw on the left, and yes, that is a pile of construction garbage on the right.


2 responses to “A few things

  1. I love miter saws!!! I got my first opportunity to use one last summer. Man, If I had a couple hundred bucks, I’d buy one. I have nothing to cut up, but I’d sure find something 🙂

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