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Consider me “Dialed In”

Tonight I (finally) finished up the Dial It In phase of the Female Body Breakthrough.

I liked this stage at the beginning, but started to get a big bored there towards the end.  It was nice to get back under the bar for squats and super fun to be deadlifting again.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue on with the last phase or not.  My membership at the gym is up in (hopefully) another week, so I’m going to have to start getting creative with some things.  I can do overhead presses if I’m using dumbbells, but not a bar, and certainly not push-presses, since they’d be a lot harder to control and lift between the joists.

My copy of The New Rules of Lifting for Abs arrived today, so once I finish reading the original NROL I’ll bust into that one.

I have a feeling we’ll work through one of the Strength programs from NROL, just because I think that’d make the most sense for the husband and I to do together.  But we’ll keep NROL4A in mind.

In other news, I’ve recently made the switch from once a week weigh-ins to daily weigh-ins.  I’m taking my weight each morning and using a moving average to keep track of where I am and how I’m doing.

Being the giant nerd that I am, I found, and enjoy, the site  It presents that data in 3 ways on the same chart: 1) your weight as a moving average, 2) a line of best fit that shows the trend, and 3) your actual weight.  They fill in the chart between each successive daily weight depending on what it is relative to the moving average; green if it’s below, pink if it’s above.

Daily weighing cancels out the noise in the data, like being up 1.5 lbs the day after a workout due to water retention, or a salt laden day, and makes it a lot easier to see the trend.  It’s a pretty neat tool.

That’s it for now.  I think I’ll be off the gym for a few days, as I’ve got plans to meet up with different sets of girlfriends Friday and Saturday, and then my brother-in-law and his girlfriend will be visiting for the duration of the weekend.  Hopefully next week we can get in a dumpster and clean out the basement so we can get our gym set up!


Selling Myself Short?

Have I been selling myself short on deadlifts? I decided to just go for it today and ended up dominating 120lbs for 6 reps as a 3rd set and I could have kept going.

I did a warmup set w/ 45 lbs, and then did the following for my working sets:


My third set felt hard, and I don’t think I’d want to go much higher without someone to watch my form to make sure it isn’t deteriorating too badly, but I definitely think that using the big girl plates is in the near future.

I think I’ve even got the grip strength to get there too. I’m still using a straight overhand grip, and while my hands were a touch sore after the 120 set, going to 135 should be very possible with a mixed grip.

I guess we’ll see!

A few things

Oh hai, what’s up? Seriously, I’m really bad at this thing. I need to learn to write short, sweet, takes-no-time posts more often.

The new year has been going pretty well. I’m making an effort to actually lose some weight for the first time in a while. I’m tracking on Livestrong again. I tried SparkPeople, but I found it too difficult for someone eating, real, whole, clean food, so, back to my friend MyPlate.

This go around I’m really trying to hit my macros. This past week has sort if been about hoping I get there (and doing pretty well) but I think I will sit down on Sunday and pre-plan things more than normal so I know I’ll be at the right ranges. Oh, and I’m also making an effort to keep things clean, which has actually been going really well. I’m starting to notice that processed food just really doesn’t taste that good.

As for workouts, I’ve officially mailed in my membership cancelation letter to the gym, so that should all be effective by the end of the month.

We haven’t picked up the squat rack yet, so I’ve only done 1 full workout in the basement “gym” and there is it still a long way to go before it’s even close to up to par.

That’s sort of what I’m working with rift now. Needs a bit of work, eh?

And yes, that is a compound mitre saw on the left, and yes, that is a pile of construction garbage on the right.

Holy crap I suck.

I’m rather ashamed to admit that I haven’t been to the gym in over 2 weeks.  Wtf?  Bad Andrea.

The week of Christmas was spent running around doing errands each night, the week after Christmas we were driving all around southern Ontario visiting family, and since then I’ve just been in “holiday” mode, sleeping in and spending time with my husband.  This is not a good way to be.  Yes, it’s relaxing, but it’s not conducive to my physical health.

On one hand, though, I have been quite active at the house.  We’ve been busting butt to get a lot of work done, so I haven’t been spending all my time just sitting on my arse.  But still, this is the longest I’ve been without going to the gym since I joined last January.

One the topic of the gym, my 1 year gym-aversay is just about here, and a Boxing Week purchase (plus some things acquired from my mom and step dad)  mean that I won’t be renewing my membership.

You see, this lovely thing is coming to live at my house this week:

Yup, we bought a squat rack.

I was browsing the flyers for the Boxing Day sales (Boxing Day, Dec 26th, is sort of like the Canadian equivalent of Black Friday) and saw an ad for a bench with a lat pull down attachment for pretty cheap.  I mentioned this to my step-dad, who then said “You can have the one in the garage!”  So the husband and I went to the fitness supply store nearby to see how much it would be for some of the other things I’d consider “essential” (like a barbell, a Swiss ball, a mat, that sort of thing) and lo and behold, the rack was on for $400 (down from $600).

As we could get the bench, lat pulldown attachment and a whole whack of plates for free, we could pretty well get ourselves set up with a pretty decent home gym for the same as it would cost for 1 year of gym membership just for me.  And as iron and steel don’t expire after a year, it seemed like a good investment.

Now, we just have to get set up.  I’m fairly certain that I have to give 2 months written notice to cancel my membership at the gym, so we have some time.  The question for us now becomes where to set ourselves up.  The rack will fit in the basement, but just, and working out in the basement makes overhead things that require standing (like a push press) next to impossible (unless you go, well, outside).  The other alternative is to convert the second bedroom (we have 3) on the 2nd floor into a “gym”.

So the next little bit will have us in flux.  My husband got me the original NROL for Christmas, so once we’re set up we’ll start one of the programs from that book together, but until then I guess that I’ll keep up with FBB.  The more time goes by the less impressed I am with this program.  Some of it’s fun and rewarding while I’m doing it, but I find it hard to keep myself motivated to stay on the program.  As much as I hate to admit defeat, I doubt I’ll finish.

So, that’s me.  I suck, but I still intend on doing this.  I’ve even got good, clean meals planned for next week!!