So far so good.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been getting in 3 workouts a week, but I have been putting in 2 good ones, and I’m back on track with the metabolic circuits, so I’m not going to be mad at myself.

Tracking my food again on Livestrong is going well.  I’m using their calorie recommendation for losing 1 lbs per week, and not being upset if I go over, but aiming to keep myself at a reasonable level.  Mostly I’m just trying to get my macros back in line.  My carb ratio has been creeping up lately, so I’m working on bringing that back down.

I took today off work in order to get a bunch of things done to get ready for the holidays, so I was able to get in a nice long workout without having to worry about not getting home until 7:30 or later at night.

Today was the first time doing DLs again since I finally broke 100, and also my first time doing a full 3 sets of the super-duper set of 4 exercises in this phase.

I decided today to take a video of my last set of DLs in order to get a check on my form.  Since I workout on my own, and there are only mirrors in front of me, I’m never quite sure if I’m really doin’ it right, so I thought a video  would be a good idea.

So, here’s me deadlifting 105lbs and feeling good.  Before this I’d done warm-up sets at 45 and 65lbs, and then working sets at 95 and 100 lbs.  Each set was 6 reps.

Anyone have any form tips?  I’m always open to critique!


2 responses to “So far so good.

  1. Hi! I stumbled onto your blog from theknot. I noticed that on your deadlift, your knees are going over your toes a bit…that creates quite a bit of strain on the old knees (I recently had acl surgery, and am being super-careful with form). Your knees should break a bit, but not have a deep bend…you should be feeling it more in your hamstrings than anything else, but I’m guessing you’re feeling it in your quads quite a bit because of the way you’re bending your knees. 🙂

    Great job with the working out! P.S. Do you have a recipe for that breakfast cookie that you posted a pic of?

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