Oh, that’s why.

Part of what drove me to write yesterday’s post was the fact that I’ve been feeling like a fat bloated tub o’ lard all week.

My pants all felt insanely tight, I had little energy and was craving all sorts of not at all good for me foods.

Well, today showed me why.

You see, 3 weeks ago my husband and I made the decision to for me to make the move from hormonal birth control to the fertility awareness method (aka FAM, info gleamed via Taking Charge of Your Fertility and FertilityFriend.com).  My last few cycles on hormonal birth control (Nuva Ring for me) had really been throwing my body outta wack, and after having been on one form of hormonal birth control or another for 10+ years, it was time to make a change.

I’d heard so many stories about people’s bodies taking forever to regulate after quitting hormonal birth control that I was fully prepared to go at least a few months without Aunt Flow paying me a visit.  I’ve been getting into the habit of tamping every morning and while Fertility Friend says I ovulated, I figured that it’d take that away as the days went by.

Well, it turns out that the bloat and the emotional roller coaster I was on last week was just good old fashioned PMS (which regulated hormones have been sort of shielding me from for the past 10 years).  Today my body was kind enough to bring my monthly visitor, a mere 4 weeks after I finished with my last Nuva Ring.

Now, this is not to say that the plans I made yesterday are moot, because they’re not, I still fully intend on buckling down and doing this the right way, but I do feel better about myself today.  I feel like, ok, maybe I don’t suck so hard.  I never really thought I’d actually be happy to get my period, y’know?

Yes, I realize this may have been a touch TMI, but whatever, it’s my blog, I do what I want.  😛  Here, have a cookie.

A breakfast cookie that is.  I’m going to try these this week I think.

Anywho, that’s all.


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