Full Disclosure

the interest of complete and utter honesty, and in the hopes of some accountability, I might as well fess up.

I really suck at losing weight.

Lately I’ve been finding myself making excuses for not going to the gym. “I’m tired”, “I didn’t eat well today, so my workout will be crap”, “I don’t feel like it”. Couple that with the fact that I’ve been letting the whole clean eating thing slide and haven’t been great about meal planning and have been drinking far too much alcohol, and the scale is starting to creep back up.

When I weighed in at home this morning I was in the 179’s. I know I complain about being stuck at 177 all the time, but a move in the upward direction is way worse. I don’t even think I can blame this on gaining muscle either, since, well, I’ve only been at the gym twice a week for the last month or so.

So, I’m rededicating myself. The old me would have said “Well, it’s December now, just enjoy the holiday’s and start again in the new year” but the old me was fat. I don’t want to be the old me anymore.

Here’s my plan:

1. Start tracking on Livestrong again consistently. I’ve been doing this a bit for the last week or so, but not 100%. I had so much success with this when I started losing weight, that I need to buckle down and just do it.

2. Limit alcohol intake to weekends and only if it fits in my calories. I will allow myself to carry over unused calories to make this happen, but no more downing a bottle myself.

3. Enforce 3 gym workouts a week and 1 metabolic circuit a week. No excuses.

4. Be accountable. And this is sort of where the blog thing comes in. I have no idea if people check this on the regular, but if you do, I’m going to ask for your help. If you’re on Livestrong, add me as a friend and check in on me (http://www.livestrong.com/profile/aerayner/). If you don’t see me posting here for a few days, leave a comment or drop me an e-mail and tell me to get my butt in gear.

I’m not usually one to ask for help. If I have a problem, I figure it out myself. But clearly what I’ve been doing isn’t working.

So, help?


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