I used the Smith Machine today

But don’t worry, it was for inverted rows, not squats like the “trainer” had his client doing.

Oh, and btw, inverted rows are kinda tough!

found on Google Images

Watching a video now, I’m pretty certain I was doin’ it wrong, but hey, a girl has to learn somehow.

Other highlights of Workout B of the Define Yourself Phase of the FBB include the giant kick my ego took on single leg squats.

found on Google Images

FBB suggest you start with a bench behind you and to squat on one leg until your butt just grazes the bench and then straighten back up.  Yeah.  I could not get up from the bench.  I ended up stacking some plates (2 25`s and a 10) on the bench to get a height that I could make, but barely.  I did notice, however, that I have a larger ROM with my left leg than my right.  Either way, I’ve got a loooong way to go to Pistol Squats.

Last thing of note is the fact that I nearly suffocated myself with by breasts.

found on Google Images

That there is a Supinated Hip Extension with Leg Curl, or SHELC.  You see that top position?  The one that has your feet on the stability ball and your shoulders, hips and knees in line?  Yeah, imagine 34 FF boobs trying to fall down to your face.  Seriously, they were lodged into my neck.  And I was wearing my “supportive” sports bra today!!  It may be time to invest in a TaTa Tamer, or perhaps the Moving Comfort Fiona, just so I don’t freaking kill myself.



2 responses to “I used the Smith Machine today

  1. dude, you rock. inverted rows are SO hard. my trained tried to make me do them and it was a total disaster! haha

  2. Thanks man! I’ll tell you, I can reallllly feel them today. And the single leg squats. Those I can feel in my glutes.

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