Sometimes you have to push yourself.

While working out without a personal trainer is certainly cheaper, sometimes I know I could get a better workout if I had one.

Too often I talk myself into only doing the minimum number of sets, or giving up before hitting my reps, or not upping my weights when I could because I’m tired, or sore, or just don’t wanna.

I’m been trying hard lately to push through that self doubt.  Just because doing Bulgarian Split Squats make me hate life, doesn’t mean I can stop doing them before I’m done my sets.

Well, as of today I’m done the first 4 workouts of Base Phase, and have 6 to go.

I’m doing fairly well with the eating still.  Monday threw me for a loop.  I totally forgot about a conference I was supposed to be at, but I did get there in time for lunch.  Lunch that was sandwiches.  With bread.  And brownies.  Oh well.

Weigh-in Wednesday went well.  I’m officially down 2 lbs since I started following the food rules, so, I guess I can go without wheat for a bit longer.


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