The Female Body Breakthrough

I’m just now home from my second Female Body Breakthrough (FBB) workout and so far, it’s not so bad.  I did the first A workout of the Base Phase on Wednesday and the first B workout today.

I’ll admit, I had a bit of a hard time getting through this book.  Rachel Cosgrove’s style of writing is nothing at all like Lou Schulers.  Her target audience seems to be more of the kind of person that’s never lifted a heavy weight  before.  But hey, I read it through once, and I don’t have to again.

I like the way the exercise instructions are laid out in this book.  Unlike NROL4W where the instructions are  broken down based on the type of exercise and the muscle groups being worked (so that variations of the same exercise are listed together) FBB lists them in the order you do them.  This makes it quite handy for referencing during a workout, just keep turning the pages.  Granted, when you repeat exercises in later stages it says “see page xyz”, but by then you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing.

I like the warm-up that goes with this program, it’s really an extension of the workout.  By the time I’m halfway through the warm-up I’m sweating.

I’m also trying really hard to keep my diet in check.  There’s no recommended calorie range for the first few phases (each phase is 4 weeks) but instead there are rules.  Basically you have to eat clean, to your true hunger levels, and include a protein and a fruit or vegetable with each meal.  You are to eat every 3-4 hours and avoid processed carbohydrates (like white rice and sugar) and wheat.  So far the no wheat thing has been hardest for me.  The goal is to aim for 90% compliance.  So if you’re eating 5-6 meals a day, you can have 3-4 “splurges” a week.  So far this week I’m doing alright, only 2 slurges.  The goal is to keep things in check over the weekend, a notoriously bad time for me.

I took the last 2 workouts relatively easy, it was learning time afterall.  The next time through them, I’ll kick it up a notch.  The plan right now is 3 times a week, and with these workouts only taking about an hour, including the warm-up, I can totally handle that.


One response to “The Female Body Breakthrough

  1. Hey there Raynes! I used to lurk/sometimes post on the GIS board on the Knot, so I remember you from there. I decided to take a glance in there today and found your blog.

    Anyways, congrats on all the progress and the start of your blog. It’s refreshing to find other women who are seriously not scared of weight lifting or eating real food! Looking forward to future posts!

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