Stage 7, take 2

Well, I decided.  I’m going to do the Stage 7 workouts a second time.  I think that the way I’m going to make it most challenging is to get in 3 workouts a week.  The first way through, I only managed about 1.5 workouts a week, and, well, that’s just unacceptable.

So, today was Workout 1 again.  Aka, the workout that won.  And I must say, just getting over that mentally was a bit tough.  Those damn static lunges with rear leg elevated is seriously going to be the end of me.  Last time I did them I had to sub in regular lunges for the last 2 sets due to a weird pinchy pain in my hips.  Today, I braved through it and just got ‘er done.

So, my next workout will likely be Friday morning (I think I’ll take the day off, and hit the gym in the middle of the morning) and then not again until Monday, since this weekend we’re celebrating our first anniversary, and wine tasting and weight lifting don’t really go hand in hand.


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