After today’s workout my entire body feels like jello.

My arms, my legs, jello.

Today was a mostly redo of my disaster of a workout from 2 weeks ago, and I’m proud to say, I made it my bitch.

I made it a priority to keep my rests as close to 30 seconds as I could.  There were a few that went long, but for the most part, I kept to the program.

The only exercise that really made me hate life (and will likely leave me unable to walk properly for the next two days) was the Static Lunge with Rear Foot Elevated.  But, I stuck it out and didn’t even drop my weights.

And the best part?  I was a freaking calorie incinerator.  In the 51 minutes it took me to complete this workout (including a 5 minute warmup walk and dynamic stretching, plus set up for deadlifts) I burned over 620 calories.  From past experience a good workout usually runs in the 10 cals/minute range, so this was extra awesome.

And, The Grunter was there today.  He was surprisingly easy to tune out today though.


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