Weigh-In Wednesday – Picture Edition!

Well, I made it, I finally finished Stage 5 of NROL4W.  That was hard.  Usually I had no problem getting to the gym for 3 workouts a week, but this stage?  Man, it was tough to get in for 2!  2 hour workouts are not my thing.

As Lou says in the book, Stage 6 is for building strength.  It’s to get you as close as you can to doing an unassisted pull up.  He offers up the choice of skipping Stage 6 if you primary goal is fat loss instead of weight loss.  Well, that’s my goal, so, on to Stage 7 I go.

Now, the end of a stage means time to measure and take pictures.

First thing first, weight.  Today was a happy weigh in day, as I was 175.4 this morning.  Woot.  Still going down!

The tape measure was my friend today too.  From last stage I’m down nearly 6 inches.  Now, I’m pretty sure I did my last set of measurements on a majorly bloated day, as they were mostly 0.25-.5 inches up (or the same) from the end of the stage before, so, while this stages results may be slightly inflated, I definitely still lost a few this round.

And, last, but not least, pictures!  I think I’m going to save the beginning to end comparison direct comparison until the end of the full program, but here’s my progression.

So, that’s what 6 months can do!


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