Weigh-in Wednesday

I’m a fan of once a week weigh-ins.  When I first started trying to lose weight (the unhealthy way, with Slimquick, aka, giant mistake) I weighed myself each day.  It drove me nuts.  An increase in my weight ruined my day.

I did, however, learn that it’s totally normal for my weight to fluctuate +/- 2 lbs through the week.

Once I started using TDP I went down to once a week weigh-ins, and it’s been like that ever since.  For some reason I chose Wednesday.  My MO for weigh-in is as follows: wake up, pee, be naked, step on the scale.

This week and last week have been good.  Since the beginning of last October I’ve been at, or just about 177.  Months went by bouncing around from 177.4 to 178.2, back to 177.6, up to 179.0.  I HATE 177.  Hate it.

Last week was 175.6.  To me, that’s nicely away from 177.  This week, 175.8.  To me, that 0.2 lbs is a wash.  Not concerned about it at all.  I’m very pleased that I seem to have finally broken out of the damned 177’s.

While writing this post I pulled up my Weight tab on Livestrong and here on our home computer it’s set from the very beginning of my weight loss journey.

While being in the 175’s is quite pleasing to me, I have been a bit down on myself lately about not losing weight.  But looking at the graph, there is definitely a downward trend since March.

So, yay me.  Next week I’ll be finishing up Stage 5 of NROL4W, which means it’s almost time to check my body fat % again and take my measurements.  So, stay tuned for that!


One response to “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. I think that downward trend shows that good things are definitely happening!

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