My Two Least Favourite Gym Goers

Once you’ve been going to the gym for a while, you begin to notice different types of people.

There’s the Cardio Bunnies slogging away for hours on the elliptical with a magazine in front of them and designer workout clothes who doesn’t break a sweat.

There’s the Beach Body Guys pounding out 12 different biceps exercises, 17 different tricep exercises, and 6 varriations of the bench press  while standing on their chicken legs admiring their massiveness in the mirror.

There’s the Guy in Street Clothes, banging out calf raises in full length jeans, a polo and penny loafers.

Then, there’s my two least favourties.  The Grunter, and The Weight Dropper.  And of course, both of them were at the gym with me tonight.

The Grunter was there when I was at the gym last Sunday.  I’d never seen him in my gym before and figured he was traveling and visited my gym to get his workout in.  Sadly, no such luck.

Now, I’m all for a well placed grunt here and there.  Sometimes one slips out when you’re trying to eek out the last rep of a set.  You can’t help it, you’re trying very hard to lift very heavy things.  This is acceptable.  It happens once and a while, and it’s generally  not on purpose.

The Grunter?  Well, he basically yells, grunts and squeals with every rep of every set.  Every one.  And not just a barely audible sound either.  I was clear on the other side of the gym, with my headphones in and the treadmill at 7.5 and I could still hear this guy.

He kinda looks like Wesley Snipes in Blade, complete with all black clothing, black hat and black sunglasses.

Except that I see Blade working out in a fashion more like farts.  Silent but Deadly.

This guy is literally so distracting that I missed my cue to start a high intensity interval.  And last weekend he nearly made me drop a 15 lbs dumbbell on my head.

Now, The Grunter on his own might have been okay, maybe.  But add in The Weight Dropper?  Well, I needed to leave, before I started yelling at people.  I can only be passive agressive for so long.

The Weight Dropper was over in one of the squat racks doing (I think) deadlifts.  From what I could see, he had 3 45lb plates on each end of an Oly bar, or, 315 lbs total.  I didn’t stand and watch him (that would be too actually agressive for me) but it seemed like he’d get up into his DL, lock out his hips, then just drop the bar.

Now, I get that maybe you’re going for a PR on a 1 rep max and you literally, can’t do any more than what you’re doing, but 6 or 7 times IN A ROW?  Nuh-uh, I do not approve.

This guy drops his weights, but after DL’ing 1000 lbs.  He’s allowed.

In my eyes, bringing the weight down again in a controlled manner is a part of performing the exercise.  And he probably had poop for form too.

Thank goodness I was half way through my HIIT at the end of my workout when these two characters showed up.  I do not think I could have made it much longer without my head exploding.  It did, however, make me feel a little better than pretty much everyone in the gym had swivel head back and forth between these guys with incredulous looks on their faces.  Looking “cool” FAIL.


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